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Orange Moose Dental is based in Bundaberg, in sunny Queensland Australia. The practice is the brainchild and workplace of Dr Hanno Venter, a Dentist with a reputation for providing gentle, friendly care and a passion for independence. Queensland is a world away from the snowy habitat favoured by moose. So why Orange Moose Dental?

A few facts about moose:

Moose are intelligent, sentient creatures possessing incredible strength and endurance. Despite many attempts over the past 200 years, moose have resisted all attempts at domestication. They are extremely strong willed and independent, hardy and adapted to survival in conditions that few other animals can endure. 

Moose are the largest species of deer in the world and are surprisinlgy nimble, able to sprint at up to 56km per hour and trot for distances at 30km/h. Young moose are able to outrun a man at just 5 days old.

Moose are great swimmers and are comfortable in water or on land. Adult male moose can stand up to 2.1m at the shoulder and grow impressive antlers up to 1.8m long.

These fantastic qualities set the moose apart and make it unique in the animal kingdom.

Dr Venter has long had an affinity with the moose and its spirit of independence. Orange Moose Dental, his first independent practice, brings that affinity to life.

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