Innovative Dental Technology to Smile About

We know you place value on healthy, attractive teeth. So in order to maintain them, the earliest possible care is essential.  At Orange Moose Dental, we keep you smiling by offering state-of-the-art cosmetic imaging and caries detection technology as our standard of care.

Dr Venter makes use of only digital radiography due to the proven dramatically lower levels of radiation absorbed by the body compared to earlier more traditional film systems.  We make use of sensors rather than films in order to also immediately display teeth and gums on our computer screen because at Orange Moose Dental we understand that your time is valuable too.  For more accurate records and progress of treatments we also make use of specialist level digital photography.

imaging_1.jpgOur addition of a 3D Cone Beam CT and OPG technology insures lower levels of radiation to our patients and more effective treatment planning in our Dental Implant cases and Wisdom tooth surgery.Our patients now don’t have to be referred to a radiologist in town to obtain images in deciding whether or not you might be a suitable candidate for Dental Implants or not.  We will now be able to easier detect the need for preprosthetic surgery or bone transplants before any cosmetic dental procedures or Dental Implants are done.

Patient comfort comes first at Orange Moose Dental

Few people look forward to their next dentist appointment. At Orange Moose Dental, it is our goal to make your visit as pleasant as possible. Our comfortable reception area is stocked with an assortment of complimentary beverages and a widescreen television.  Televisions are available to you in our state-of-the-art treatment rooms to keep you relaxed during your visit.

"The Wand" Painless Electronic Injection System

the_wand.jpgAll Dr Venter’s patients know how gentle and caring he is.  By using this system he now can give you a virtually painless injection with this pen-shaped object in preparation of your planned dental treatment.  This system controls the amount, pressure and flow of anaesthetic that enters your tissues to keep this often very uncomfortable process as safe and pleasant as possible.



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