Hard & Soft tissue surgery

Correction of gummy smiles

In certain situations the excessive amount of gum shown in your smile can be corrected with our soft tissue laser. This is a less traumatic procedure than conventional surgery with no need for uncomfortable sutures afterwards and will give you a much shorter healing time, allowing you to get back to smiling with confidence.

Correction of bony growths

Sometimes we have normal bony growths on the inside of our mouths, complicating the positioning of dentures or other prostheses. By means of an often fairly simple surgical procedure in the dental chair, Dr Venter can correct these growths to make the wear of dentures or other prostheses more comfortable. Ask Dr Venter if you are a suitable candidate.

Guided tissue regeneration

In situations where bone or soft tissue was lost around teeth, sometimes leaving you with an unsightly exposed tooth root or even loose teeth, Dr Venter now can in certain situations correct these defects with either natural or synthetic products. Ask Dr Venter about this.

Preparation of sites receiving Dental Implants - Bone transplants & Sinus lifts

Sometimes the bony site that would house the new Dental Implant are not adequate in volume and dimensions and might need a bone and or soft tissue graft in preparation for the planned placement of your new Dental Implant. This might also include the sinus cavity in the case of missing upper teeth. With Dr Venter’s training and experience he might be able to correct that potentially problematic situation with this fairly minor surgical procedure. Ask Dr Venter about this.

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